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Helping agencies and media partners infuse creativity into new business and special projects for over 10 years.

Headquartered in New York City, with an occasional hotel-room outpost in Los Angeles, Lauren Kosteski & Co. are seeking fresh client challenges for Fall 2017. Led by Lauren Kosteski, Strategist and Creative Director, project teams are designed around your specific needs. Whether you’re a media agency who needs help pitching more creatively, a creative agency who needs some hardcore media strategy or a corporate brand seeking a visual revitalization, we can make it happen.




Lauren Kosteski
Founder, Director
HQ: Bushwick, Brooklyn




Areas of Expertise


In the words of RuPaul, "If you don't love yourself, how in the hell you gonna love anybody else?" We offer a series of workshops to help you fall in love with your brand and keep that love going strong. From competitors to personality, cultural trends to human psychology, this 30-day process ends with a purposeful brand strategy.


As Americans, we spend 1/3 of our waking hours (about 282 minutes a day) on our phones. I figure this is why I've stopped reading for pleasure....my eyes are scanning news alerts and Insta posts like its my JOB. So when it comes to technology, whether its an app or a digital retail platform, we can make sure your company is adding value to the human experience at every touchpoint.  


The first question of any meeting, "So who's your target?". If you've ever replied, "I'm not sure" or "Millennials" or "We have one but we don't know anything about them," then let us work with you to make sure you're putting your ad dollars and product innovation budgets toward the right human beings. Quant & Qual reveals all.


The startup and small business communities are of particular interest to our team. We love working in small groups with passionate stakeholders (Hello, C-suite friends~!). If you're at a corporate branding roadblock or looking to add new revenue streams to your business model, we can clarify your goals with a workshop in Team Hierarchies, Business Development, HR Strategy or Corporate Branding. 


Walk into a room and ask someone for money: What are you wearing? Surely, you look good— attractive, confident! Brands need good looks and their chorus of voices and visuals must be aimed at impressing the girl or boy (or the non-binary, non-conforming) that you've got what they need. Let's design your brand world so people get you at-a-glance.


Oh, Internet! You're a proper noun whom I spend more time with than my own Mother. Brands know how important it is to have a social voice but sometimes they don't have a social strategy. "How many times a week do we really need to post?" "Who's my real social audience?" "What kind of team do I need in-house? "How does Google do such a good job?" DM me now if you need help. And if you don't know what "DM" means, just call.


Lauren is a Jane-of-all-trades, a true leader, an amazing creative genius.
— Ruth Hevelone, Client


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